Take a dig at yourself!

There is nothing about my nose you can tell me that I haven’t thought of myself.

We all have those moments when we feel a bit low and your self-esteem’s somewhere near the bottom of the Grand Canyon. People usually say to think of how kind you are or how much your friends adore you or some other better thing about yourself to pick yourself up. I am not like other people – I am a self-proclaimed weirdo. So I am going to say instead, take a dig at yourself!

Now before you start calling me crazy (you will be better informed to do so after reading the full post), I am not saying beat yourself up and be overly self-critical and hate yourself. Quite the opposite actually. Learn to laugh at yourself and then love yourself. Now I don’t know if this would really work for anyone besides myself but that’s why this post is in the Questionable Life Advice category.

Let’s take a trivial example, say my nose.

Now I haven’t had someone actually tell me anything negative about my nose but it is something I am overly aware of, especially since I look at myself in every reflective surface I pass by. It isn’t massive but it is big enough to bother me. So instead Continue reading


Questions I have asked myself lately

I am half amused and half weirded out by my own thoughts…

1. Has anyone besides me ever laughed at anything I have written?

2. Jokes are either good or bad but if they are so bad that you find them funny then are they good jokes or humorous fails that need a whole new category? Continue reading

Let’s be radically honest…

I read about this concept in A. J. Jacobs’ book My Life as an Experiment. You say exactly what you think or feel #nofilter. It didn’t work out so great for him in some situations and I can think of a couple of others where it could go wrong…

1. “Hi, I’m It. Nice to meet you.” I literally just met you two seconds ago and since you have not done anything remotely cool like turn into a dragon or juggle soccer balls, I feel (at most!) neutral to meet you. Continue reading

Realistically: How the world is going to end

If you are currently alive and have the slightest awareness of the world around you, you probably know and have lived through all the hype surrounding the end of world. It’s been quite the popular topic of the 21st century alongside Kim Kardashian’s behind and the smartphone race (insert some Android propaganda here). Different religions and people see the ultimate demise of humanity differently. I personally don’t believe the world is going to end because of catastrophic climatic events or monsters descending from the sky. So here’s my list of what I think will cause the world to end: Continue reading