Blind Date 101: You know love isn’t blind when..

And now I am even more wearier of blind dates!


We do blind dates right? Every one does blind dates, now that it’s become to easy to swipe right.

Thank you, Tinder. 

However there exists  fine line between an awkward date and one that has descended straight from hell. Here are some situations when you just know you should dial 911:

  1. His mom drops him to the venue promising to pick him up at 9
    Thanks ma’am. And you should know I charge $13 an hour for babysitting.
  2. He smells like he hasn’t seen a bar of soap for ages
    At least I know what to get you for your birthday.
  3. He takes you home to introduce you to his lancet collection
    That’s definitely something you should’ve mentioned in your bio dude.
  4. He proposes you for marriage.
    Umm..Thanks but no thanks.
  5. He wants to click pictures of you as ‘evidence’ to show his buddies.
    The last time I checked this was NOT an episode…

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