Through the Camera Roll! #2

More random pictures and weird instances from my life!


1. Came across this while researching, quite a hilarious way to make a dead link amusing! Hello there Mr. Blue Tiger-Thing! Continue reading


Priorities during vacations

I went to the US a while ago on holiday and had an amazing time. I was just looking through the photos and screenshots I had from the trip yesterday and noticed something interesting – you may be on holiday but your priorities are always the same Continue reading

Through the Camera Roll! #1

Ever look through your phone’s camera roll and think, WTF? I have recently and I am going to share those moments here. It is amazing to see what my week has been like just through photos. Disclaimer: These images were taken for fun or to share with friends over WhatsApp, they are far from professional. Here are some funny and strange photos I have found in my camera roll on my phone lately:

1. So I decided to create a tumblr to share all the random silly moments of my life in real-time. I know most people Continue reading

To kill or not to kill baby Hitler…

*This isn’t comedy or meant to be funny so if you are here to laugh or for something silly, check out another post :)*

The internet has been abuzz lately with Jeb Bush’s comment about baby Hitler. “If you could go back in time to when Hitler was a baby, would you kill him?” His answer was, “Hell yeah, I would!”

I enjoy thought experiments like these quite a bit. I like to think of such hypothetical questions and situations and ponder over what my response would possibly be. When I first read that question, Continue reading

Where words fail, music speaks…

*This isn’t comedy or meant to be funny so if you are here to laugh or for something silly, check out another post :)*

“If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.” – Gustav Mahler.

I couldn’t agree with Gustav Mahler’s words more. Within the quote, there is the question of using specific languages or arts to communicate feelings and thoughts. Since English is my first language, I am going to use it to provide examples. English is an impressive language with a great number of synonyms for each word, many of which have different connotative degrees of intensity. For example, the simple word “happy,” which everyone is familiar with, has the synonyms “glad,” “joyous,” “elated” and “ecstatic” and each one seems
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