Questions I have asked myself lately

I am half amused and half weirded out by my own thoughts…

1. Has anyone besides me ever laughed at anything I have written?

2. Jokes are either good or bad but if they are so bad that you find them funny then are they good jokes or humorous fails that need a whole new category?

3. Why would I ever choose true love over unlimited money when I can buy everything I desire and need to distract or entertain me while I remain eternally happy and blissfully unaware?

4. Am I the only one who doesn’t understand how to keep eye contact? How do you look at both eyes at one?! What is this sorcery that everyone knows but me?!

5. How does a new born baby’s thoughts and feelings sound like in his head without language to articulate it?

Don’t know how that last one came up between all my self-consumed thoughts.


One thought on “Questions I have asked myself lately

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