My Favourite Instagram Creations

I have been seriously addicted to Instagram lately. I only joined three days ago but I have already uploaded 16 posts. My posts are just bits of humour and thoughts but I just can’t stop creating them. Now, I wish I joined the platform sooner. Here are some of my favorite creations lately:
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Oops, was this supposed to be a story?

So I wanted some writing inspiration and googled story starters which typically become the first line of your story. Except my mind is kind of like the immature kid in high school with a low attention span and thought differently instead. Let me demonstrate:

1. I can’t help it. I lie. All the time… about my weight.

2. When I found out there would be a supermoon in two nights, I began making my plans… to livetweet the event.

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So I was looking at pictures of tweets on Instagram (what is this, social media inception?!) and had this wonderful idea of editing them to reflect some of (my) life’s greatest truths. By “had this wonderful idea”, I was desperately seeking means to procrastinate doing very important work that cannot be delayed… Oh no. It’s too late now so I might as well share these
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Through the Camera Roll! #1

Ever look through your phone’s camera roll and think, WTF? I have recently and I am going to share those moments here. It is amazing to see what my week has been like just through photos. Disclaimer: These images were taken for fun or to share with friends over WhatsApp, they are far from professional. Here are some funny and strange photos I have found in my camera roll on my phone lately:

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