Rules for all Survey-Takers!

Now I know that taking a survey can be a pain sometimes but do have some consideration for the person on the other side – that poor employee at the market research agency trying to collate the data a.k.a. me. Now I have to read all the surveys you fill in on paper or online, put all the details in a giant data table on MS Excel and present it to the client who issued the surveys in the first place. And my life would be so much easier if you could follow these really simple rules:

1. Either fill it or don’t, but don’t overfill it! – Sometimes, there are questions that ask for suggestions or feedback followed by some lines to write your answer. Writing out an answer compared to just ticking an option can be tedious so I understand if you don’t want to though companies appreciate any and all feedback, despite how minor and insignificant you think it is. But you don’t have to write an essay! Spilling a little on to the blank space is okay, using every centimetre of white space available on the survey paper is unacceptable! I saw a survey yesterday that wrote within the three lines given… And in all the 1-inch page margins of the survey. Hey consumer, I thought you were trying to fit the Old Testament there! No! Don’t! Please, I’m begging you!

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5 Clever ( Maybe ) Responses to 5 Clever Questions

It should be illegal to be as funny as this blogger! Read his hilarious responses to my “Questions I have asked myself lately” post.


The following questions you are about to witness are my responses to a comical blogger’s post I’ve come across. Do check it out. It’s About  Page say it’s an it.

1. Has anyone besides me ever laughed at anything I have written?

 Apparently me and some others.

2. Jokes are either good or bad but if they are so bad that you find them funny then are they good jokes or humorous fails that need a whole new category?

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Funny things I have heard lately…

Here are some of the funny things that my parents and friends have said lately:

1. Headline: Drunk man bites off wife’s nose.

Mum: Couldn’t he bit off her finger instead?

2. Dad: It is difficult to roll your r’s but [insert nationality here] are good with their tongue.
3. My friend while talking about incestuous couples:
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Words I have had to explain to my friends and family…

I don’t have an amazing vocabulary so you aren’t going to learn some fancy impressive words today. Instead, I am going to share with you the words my very sweet and innocent friends and family didn’t know before I mentioned them. Don’t trouble yourself trying to figure out how these words even came up because they just come up extremely randomly. Or because of a perverted comment I throw in a completely innocent conversation.

1. Fluffer

2. Im Continue reading

Fun at the hospital

Another funny list coming at you, hitting your local screens in two minutes! So I had a bout in the hospital not too long ago – went to the ER and was admitted for a whole week. And the cause for my minimal bladder control, black outs, high fever, high pulse, excruciating and paralysing (literally!) body pain and hallucinations (probably because of the unimaginable pain) was… Continue reading

You know you have lost weight when…

1. Everyone and their mother-in-laws mention it. Especially since (some) mother-in-laws can be quite catty with their words and stingy with their compliments. It can be flattering of course but it can get so excessive that you start to wonder whether they see you as a starving child with your bones visible through your skin when really your love handles are just a fraction smaller.

2. You can’t stop Continue reading