Shabby Sketches #32: The Metro Ones

I think my metro ride to office every morning is something special. Yes, it is the same old scenery (or lack of it if you live in an urban jungle like Dubai). But the people in it are the real special ones. It is the little things that really brighten your mood and set yourself for a good day. The blushing couple, the laughing baby, it is the little things. I didn’t have the guts to literally take sneaky pics of actual people in the metro so I used stock photos instead. And here are some really random little things I want to share right here:

1. The guy who looks like human Shrek from Shrek 2. He’s a regular and I see him at least twice a week and every time I am thrown back by how Shrek-like he is. That being said, he’s a great piece of handsome like human Shrek and he always wear gym clothes showing off his great fit body.

Oh daaaamn!

2. This absolutely hot guy…

…reading Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations.

This one really left me conflicted. I mean this guy is a young hottie whose number I would totally love to have in my contacts but he is reading Wealth of Nations. On the metro! Have you read that shit?! It is heavy, dull and absolutely no fun to read! Maybe he has to read it for a college assignment. But what if he was reading it for fun? That is too high of a risk! I will just stick to admiring the guy from far.

3. The boy who couldn’t stop saying banana. I am usually rushing out of the house with a banana in hand as breakfast and this adorable boy kept on staring at me while I ate it, repeating the word banana the entire time. The staring and chanting would have normally spooked me out but he was adorable and seemed like a minion to me. And I love minions, I have two t-shirts with them to prove it.

4. The cute office guy…

…who might be an actor?!

I saw this well-dressed young man in suit and tie next to me on the metro and naturally assumed he was going to office like me. Then I looked more closely at what he was reading (since I am nosy that way), and realized it was a script! So I was standing next to a cute actor who could potentially make it big some day! The thought was too intimidating for me so I couldn’t flirt with him. But his script seemed like something out of an action or thriller film. It felt like I was standing next to a younger Robert Langdon from a Dan Brown adaptation.

5. And the best for last – Another cute guy reading…

…a comic book!

He was a 100 times more attractive after I noticed the comic book! He is my Prince Charming and I shall wait for him to reappear on his white horse the metro.
Were you expecting sentimental things at the beginning of the post? Nah man, hot guys on the metro are my secret to being a morning person, and the occasional adorable child!

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