Shabby Sketches #30: How to draw a camel!

It’s hump day today and I needed to procrastinate important work so I decided to draw a camel in honour of this lovely weekday. The only problem is I haven’t drawn anything since 2008 and I mostly got C’s in Art class in school. I really think the way art class is graded needs to be changed. You should be graded on effort rather than the final product. So what if my self-portrait looks like something from Beavis and Butthead? At least it looks human-ish and I deserve an A for that! But regardless, there’s a hack to producing somewhat decent drawings and that involves a ton of geometric shapes and lines as I will show below:

First, find a picture you want to replicate as closely as possible. Then identify and draw the most prominent geometric shape you can see from the picture. This is the picture I used:

The most evident shape is the circle in the camel’s torso.


From then on, just keep extending your drawing with more lines and shapes. It doesn’t have to be exact or symmetrical. I used a roll of tape to draw the circle but free handed all the lines and squares.


Drawing lines across the drawing help with placement, shape and size of features. In this case, I used the lines to determine placement and shape of my camel’s legs.

Then I added the camel’s neck and face. Here’s a warning – I am absolutely TERRIBLE at smaller features and details like faces, fingers, shadows, etc. So feel free to laugh at what follows.

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Shabby Sketches #28: Redesigning the Indian flag

Today, 15th August, is India’s Independence Day where we celebrate India’s independence from the British Empire back in 1947. India’s current flag (shown below) was instated post-independence and has never changed.

Well, I think it is time for a change! I mean what is that wheel anyways? Why do we have a circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move over the ground in the centre of our beloved flag. Surely, it should be a symbol more representative of India and something the world easily easily associates with India. (While I am being silly and humorous in this post, if you truly wish to understand the significance of the wheel, check out this Wikipedia page: Ashoka Chakra)

So I have taken it upon myself to create some alternate versions of the flag with symbols the world thinks are more closely associated with India:

Flag #1: The One with the Turban and Handlebar Mustache.

Surely you seen such a man walking around, probably talking really loudly with a brother dressed in a similar fashion and planning to drink and have Butter Chicken later in the evening. He’s Sikh, often Punjabi and an extremely common stereotype of Indian, especially to people in London.

Flag #2: The One with the Man on Fire

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A random list of funny things! #2

Warning: This post contains no useful information and reading it is probably going to be a waste of time. Or you might laugh like I did. But you will read this post anyways so continue with caution.

1. This is my kind of push up:

2. So what’s your band name?

Mine’s Polka Dot Curry and Rice. Is that too much information? #sorry

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Shabby Sketches #26: I ain’t Mozart

Do you have something you wished you excelled at but never could? I am sure everybody does. My parents probably wish it was Mathematics for me; however, I always wished I was musically gifted. Past tense being key here because I am now mature enough to know that dreams don’t just come true and requires actual effort. My motto is “If it requires more than luck, I do not give a f***.”

I absolutely love listening to all kinds of music. But I had to learn the hard way that passion does not necessarily translate into talent. I thought I was destined to be a musical prodigy like Mozart, like a long-lost sister of his, since we share the same birthday 27th January. But there was probably a reason why we were born two and a half centuries apart.

I took up and quit playing the keyboard three times in my life, once with the guitar and played the clarinet and trumpet moderately well in one semester of Beginning Band in high school. The following is a great summary of my musical experiences: Continue reading