Just Kindergarten Things

I have been having a really tough time lately so I was looking through some of my older things like cards and pictures to cheer myself up. I came across a folder containing things from my kindergarten days. For those unfamiliar with the term kindergarten, it is the one or two years of schooling some countries have before 1st grade and I was around 3-4 years old when I joined. After brushing off the dust, here’s a list of my archaeological findings (after all it has been a while since I was in kindergarten):

1. My colouring books were quite inappropriate:

There are way too many things wrong here. Cleavage. The woman’s seductive facial expression. Her bandeau top doesn’t match the design on the waist of her pants. Her pants are completely transparent and her full bare legs are exposed. She’s isn’t wearing a superhero costume but she is wearing a cape – unless she is Jasmine from Aladdin who was subbing for Superman for a day. I guess that explains the mismatched underwear worn on the outside. And lastly, this picture, targeting very young children, objectifies women and portrays a non-realistic image of a middle eastern one.

I colored everything in that picture beside the woman – I think I was a budding feminist from a very young age.

2. On the same lines of social activism, I was probably born a strong LGBT supporter as well.

Everything in my coloring book was multicoloured and I purposely made everything look different from their real-life counterparts. It was pretty imaginative, quite queer and just a bit crazy.

3. I also used colour as a form of defense

I have extreme arachnophobia and I have had it since as long as I can remember. This picture is from one of my favourite animal encyclopedias when I was younger and those spiders are absolutely terrifying! To lessen the terror, I decided to color it neon pink but that plan failed – it looked more terrifying since it seemed radioactive and unreal! My younger self was kind of stupid but whose wasn’t. How were you as a kindergartner? Hopefully less weird than me.

Like I said, things have been kind of rough lately but writing and reading other people’s blog posts makes me really happy. If you as a blogger ever have a bad day, remember that there is always a reader like me who appreciates you and your work.

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