Realistically: How the world is going to end

If you are currently alive and have the slightest awareness of the world around you, you probably know and have lived through all the hype surrounding the end of world. It’s been quite the popular topic of the 21st century alongside Kim Kardashian’s behind and the smartphone race (insert some Android propaganda here). Different religions and people see the ultimate demise of humanity differently. I personally don’t believe the world is going to end because of catastrophic climatic events or monsters descending from the sky. So here’s my list of what I think will cause the world to end:

  1. THE INTERNET DISAPPEARS – Somehow, you wake up to a world where the internet’s gone. No more adorable cat videos on YouTube. No more stalking exes on Facebook. No more pictures of delicious food on Instagram. The world will descend into chaos and anarchy will ensue. Crime rates and social unrest will peak as people lose all sense of humanity along with their virtual identities. Humans will take to violence due to their inadequacies in expressing themselves directly and the rest of the living beings in the universe sit back and watch the fall of humanity because they couldn’t survive offline.
  2. THE NORTH KOREA VIRUS – North Korea opens up and becomes a normal country.* BUT unknown to the world, this was part of a devious plan by a North Korean dictator to take over the world. North Koreans are hosts but immune to a deadly virus (cryptically named the North Korea virus) that quickly spreads and causes a global epidemic killing off all non-North Koreans. But the dictator’s success is short-lived as the North Korean leaders turn on each other and their own without South Korea or other countries to antagonize and the human race goes extinct.
  3. METAL AND ROCK MUSIC BECOME EXTINCT – Rock and metal music are driven to extinction as pop stars replace world leaders and maniacal fangirls dominate the global population. The few dozen rock loving survivors hide deep in the Amazonian forests, living in the wild with only actual rocks for entertainment. Resources dwindle and people listen to generic pop songs on their way out, the soul of humanity long dead before its members.

Okay, maybe the last one is just me.

*Random fact: Marijuana is legal in North Korea so it’s not a completely horrible country.  


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