My Top Life Hacks! DIYs, boosting your smartphone memory and organizing your social media

I am by no means a wise person but occasionally even idiots have something worthwhile to share so here’s my list of 6 helpful hacks that cost you nothing but help you lots:
1. Do you find yourself always short on small jewellery or accessory boxes for your little knickknacks? Just DIY or origami it! Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative or functional items. I personally make a lot of small origami boxes for my paper clips or USBs. Here are the most helpful instructions online that I have used: Origami Box with Lid

I have also made other kinds of boxes for various things that I found at this website: Origami Box Database. Origami or DIY is not a girly thing thing, it is perfectly functional, diverse and can help you save a lot of money at your local store. The options are endless so explore DIY alternatives to things you need.

2. If the box seems like too much effort for you, I know a DIY for a poster tube that only requires a stomach, a love for junk food, some hand soap and water – and it looks like this:

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