A random list of funny things! #1

I have been a bit busy lately (*cough* travelling and having fun) and neglecting my blog lately but I am back to compensate with some laughs. Here is a list of funny things I have found in my phone’s photo gallery:

1. Found this in Edinburgh a few days ago and this truly proves you are in Scotland xD

2. I also found this excellent example of effective marketing in Edinburgh :”)

3. While I was in Edinburgh, my friend was holidaying in Venice and had something funny to share as well. She bought a calendar of hot priests officially released by the Catholic Church, they are sinfully attractive xD

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My Favourite Instagram Creations

I have been seriously addicted to Instagram lately. I only joined three days ago but I have already uploaded 16 posts. My posts are just bits of humour and thoughts but I just can’t stop creating them. Now, I wish I joined the platform sooner. Here are some of my favorite creations lately:
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