So I was looking at pictures of tweets on Instagram (what is this, social media inception?!) and had this wonderful idea of editing them to reflect some of (my) life’s greatest truths. By “had this wonderful idea”, I was desperately seeking means to procrastinate doing very important work that cannot be delayed… Oh no. It’s too late now so I might as well share these
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Embarrasment = Ostrich

We have all had those moments. You are so embarrassed that you want to transform into an ostrich and stick your head in the sand ignoring everything that happens on the surface regarding the human world. Unfortunately, we are not as blessed as ostriches and just have to endure the embarrassment. These are a few of my ostrich moments that have made me visibly cringe:

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Shabby Sketches #8: Funniest Hangman Game Ever

If you are not already familiar with this classic game that everyone from elementary kids to grandparents have played, check out this link here:

I recently played this game with a friend and she added a hilarious twist to it. We chose movies as our category and took turns to guess the other’s puzzle. However, each time I would guess the movie correctly, she would instead claim that the movie name was something else! Here were her unique movie names – I am going to list the actual ones at the end so try to guess:

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I hate maths too but…

Math can give you neat party tricks if you need some or be your wingman even!

You either hate maths or love it. I have yet to meet a person who is neutral about the subject and was neither destroyed nor thrilled by its very existence. I used to hate it. Now, I just dislike it and get annoyed with it occassionally, much like a wife. But by the end of this post Continue reading