A Cursed Love

I should be used to the arguments and insults exchanged

But each time you leave me more devastated than the last.

The fight comes to an end but the pain remains unchanged

As we are both doomed to these vile reiterations of the past.
Maybe the problem in this relationship is you or maybe me

Or that this whole relationship is a complete cosmic mistake.

But I am bound to you by the blood in each vein and artery

And burdened by an unconditional love I can no longer take.

There are times I really wish I could switch off my emotion and cut ties with everyone. I don’t want love, family, friends or anything else. I just want to be alone. I would rather be lonely than depressed from arguing with a loved one. I will be fine after some time because you forgive and forget but then history is bound to repeat itself and it is the future repeat of this I dread more than the present sorrow. This one post will hopefully be the only sad one, this is a humour blog I am proud of and I want to keep it that way. Sometimes, you just want to be raw, real and honest and this was one of those times.

When my brother was diagnosed with autism…

*This isn’t comedy or meant to be funny so if you are here to laugh or for something silly, check out another post :)*

I was 10 years old and he was just 1 month shy of his 4th birthday. “He’s autistic,” the doctor said to my mother. Plainly and honestly, the doctor said something that changed my family’s lives forever. Till then, they stated late development disorder but when he was still not verbal at nearly 4, the diagnosis was inevitable. He didn’t walk until he was 2 and a half years old, had a capable voice but couldn’t articulate words and he couldn’t communicate verbally or otherwise.

What ensued after were a lot tears, anguish, anger and resentment. My mother cried for hours, days and weeks. My father couldn’t

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I would be a terrible working parent…

So recently I realized that if I had children, I would the worst of the worst working parent out there. As a father, mother or whatever. Let me explain how I would screw up the whole parenting thing:
1. When I come back from work, I am EXHAUSTED. Like dead tired. I slip off my shoes and lie down in the entry way looking like a beached whale. I don’t have any Continue reading

Funny things I have heard lately…

Here are some of the funny things that my parents and friends have said lately:

1. Headline: Drunk man bites off wife’s nose.

Mum: Couldn’t he bit off her finger instead?

2. Dad: It is difficult to roll your r’s but [insert nationality here] are good with their tongue.
3. My friend while talking about incestuous couples:
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