Shabby Sketches #31: Carnivorous Dolphins

I just realized today that dolphins are actually carnivorous! They eat other smaller fish! I know it is unfair and irrational but I don’t think I like them so much anymore. Their cute ki-ki-ki is actually evil laughter ke ke ke (in South Korean comics or manhwa, that is how evil laughter sounds like).







Now that Nemo is out of the way…

Sorry if I ruined your childhood!

2 thoughts on “Shabby Sketches #31: Carnivorous Dolphins

  1. Dolphins also have a pretty mean streak about them. They hunt for sport. It is the only marine animal that kills for fun. They kill baby porpoises violently – they use their echolocation to target vital organs and butcher them… for fun..

    Not saying we’re better than them. But… you know… the next time you get a chance to bonk a dolphin on the head with a club… I’ll look the other way.

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