A random list of funny things! #2

Warning: This post contains no useful information and reading it is probably going to be a waste of time. Or you might laugh like I did. But you will read this post anyways so continue with caution.

1. This is my kind of push up:

2. So what’s your band name?

Mine’s Polka Dot Curry and Rice. Is that too much information? #sorry

3. I feel like this could be my alter ego:

I am human (believe it or not!) but I can be a crazy monkey sometimes!

4. Speaking of Pokémon GO, I think they know your location way too well:

How do they know I am at driving school?! Mind you, I am not actually driving, I am sitting in a classroom. I wouldn’t be so reckless to play the game while driving – I would just ask my friend sitting next to me to do it instead!

4. Whaaaat?

5. I recently gave away my beloved 5.1 speaker system to my friend because I was moving out of the country and couldn’t ship it with the rest of my belongings. She’s the only one I could entrust my baby to because she has amazing taste in music a.k.a. same as me. This conversation just took place on WhatsApp:

Donald Trump, ew. That is not a political opinion, just a personal one. I mean would you want to be compared to Donald Trump for finding your children attractive? I think not.

6. Give the above point, I tried to merge my face with Donald Trump because… well I don’t know, for fun? Anyways this is how it turned out:

It looks like Bill Gates and Donald Trump merged and then went to work in the mines for a day. I have no idea what to feel about this to be honest.


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