Shabby Sketches #26: I ain’t Mozart

Do you have something you wished you excelled at but never could? I am sure everybody does. My parents probably wish it was Mathematics for me; however, I always wished I was musically gifted. Past tense being key here because I am now mature enough to know that dreams don’t just come true and requires actual effort. My motto is “If it requires more than luck, I do not give a f***.”

I absolutely love listening to all kinds of music. But I had to learn the hard way that passion does not necessarily translate into talent. I thought I was destined to be a musical prodigy like Mozart, like a long-lost sister of his, since we share the same birthday 27th January. But there was probably a reason why we were born two and a half centuries apart.

I took up and quit playing the keyboard three times in my life, once with the guitar and played the clarinet and trumpet moderately well in one semester of Beginning Band in high school. The following is a great summary of my musical experiences:

Sarcastic-inner-voice me: No, you REALLY need to be a prodigy to play like that.

Sarcastic-inner-voice me: No, that is how you wield a sword you samurai.

Sarcastic-inner-voice me: No. Just no.

I am going to stick to headphones and playing Piano Tiles for the sake of humanity.


7 thoughts on “Shabby Sketches #26: I ain’t Mozart

  1. I play a fair few instruments but I’ve always wished I was a notable writer, like George Orwell.
    One of the greats that would stand the test of time. But that didn’t happen! Instead I stuck to science which is just fine.
    I still dabble in short stories and of course, restaurant ranting but that’s it. I realized I don’t have the drive to complete an entire novel.

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