Shabby Sketches #22: Is the glass…

Is the glass half empty…

…or is the glass half full…


The question is…

Does the glass contain vodka?! XD

Credits to: Students Problems – love this twitter account!


One thought on “Shabby Sketches #22: Is the glass…

  1. Whether vodka or water–That’s an important question. It is one that must be decided before sampling. You see, don’t you, that if the glass isn’t have full of vodka, it could be have empty of water. If it is water, then it came from the sky and could wash you clean or it could make you very blue. If indeed the glass is have full of vodka . . . Well, vodka is made from potatoes, and potatoes are grown in dirt. Drinking vodka could make you dirty, or perhaps it could make you happy. Getting dirty would make you want water to make you clean, or, oh my, blue. . . In which case you would want vodka even if it makes you dirty. This is a difficult question.

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