Shabby Sketches #21: Angry Donut, Today’s Superhero

The current generation needs a good role model so let me introduce Angry Donut. He is the hero of today with a solution to every problem and he inspires the youth to do as he does. Look at how he deals with today’s biggest issues!

1. Angry Donut shows you how to deal with haters:

With his stern words, he triumphs like a hero above all bullies and haters! (complete with his red cape and underwear worn outside)

2. Angry Donut also shows you how to deal with peer pressure and society’s expectations:

With merely two words, he unites and empowers the entire current generation!

3. Angry Donut tells you how to lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle:

But alas, temptation and greed (and having a sweet tooth) plague the world today.

4. But Angry Donut still makes a great figure for PSAs:

Now, how is that not compelling?

5. And Angry Donut can move the youth to take world issues into their hands:

Some might even say Angry Donut addresses issues better than experienced politicians and presidential candidates. Angry Donut for President 2016!

Angry Donut, he is the hero the world needs, not sure about deserves.


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