My Top Life Hacks! DIYs, boosting your smartphone memory and organizing your social media

I am by no means a wise person but occasionally even idiots have something worthwhile to share so here’s my list of 6 helpful hacks that cost you nothing but help you lots:
1. Do you find yourself always short on small jewellery or accessory boxes for your little knickknacks? Just DIY or origami it! Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative or functional items. I personally make a lot of small origami boxes for my paper clips or USBs. Here are the most helpful instructions online that I have used: Origami Box with Lid

I have also made other kinds of boxes for various things that I found at this website: Origami Box Database. Origami or DIY is not a girly thing thing, it is perfectly functional, diverse and can help you save a lot of money at your local store. The options are endless so explore DIY alternatives to things you need.

2. If the box seems like too much effort for you, I know a DIY for a poster tube that only requires a stomach, a love for junk food, some hand soap and water – and it looks like this:

Just clean out all the edible contents of your Pringles boxes (however you like ;)) and wash the boxes out with soap and water. The boxes have a foil lining which makes it mostly resistant to soap and water but still wash gently. I fit about five large posters compactly rolled up inside this set up but if you have a big hollow in the roll of your poster, you can can put some empty toilet and kitchen rolls inside to avoid creasing or folding in the center uncovered portion. Alternatively, you can cut up a third Pringles box to size to fit the center bit. I moved out of the country and my posters successfully survived journeys though cars, trains and planes in my suitcase with the Pringles boxes completely intact.

3. I am sure I am not the only one who faces this issue:

You can have a 500 GB memory in your phone and you can still run out of memory space! Maybe it is a current generation thing: our rate of taking selfies is faster than the evolution of memory space. Either ways, there is a quick way to create space on your phone without having to transfer your photos to your laptop – Google Photos. It backs up all of your photos securely to your gmail account and then gives you an option to delete the device copy of all backups. Download the app from your android or iOS store for free and it is really easy to use once you open it. There other alternatives for cloud backup apps such as Dropbox but I am most familiar with Google Photos and it is my favourite one to use.

Speaking of which, I should probably do that now.

4. Speaking of memory boosting, there are other apps that can be used to clear log files or junk files on your phone that are unnecessarily eating your memory space. Just search “memory boost” in your app store and read the descriptions and reviews carefully to select the app most suited to your needs. I use an android phone and I use Clean Master Lite, available for free on the Google Play Store, to clear away junk files and create memory space instantly.

I think I may have more junk on my phone than in my trash can!

5. Blogging can be tricky sometimes if you have a ton of ideas you need to jot down for future posts, drafts you need to complete or just need a way to organize your blogging. I use Evernote, a free app that works across phones and PCs to help organize all your notes, events and reminders in one single place. I got this idea from this link and I can honestly say it was game-changing for me:  Use Evernote to Plan Your Blogging. There are also Blog Organizer notebooks available but those can be upwards $20 while Evernote is free, can be used on the go and is much more flexible.

6. A lot of us have at least three social media we are active on nowadays. I am not just on WordPress, but I am also on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr under the same handle. Sometimes we like to post the same thing on all of our social media to hit each and every one of our viewers or followers. Social media like WordPress and Instagram offer options to share posts simultaneously on other social media when they are posted but if you prefer to create an identical local post in social media #2 when you post in social media #1 without the hassle of copy-paste, you can use the app IF by IFTT. It is free and it allows you to create “recipes” that run as “if this then that.”

Here is an example of one of the recipes I use:

There are recipes also for non-social media things such as:

I am not sponsored by any of the brands or apps mentioned, these are just my favourite most used life hacks. Hope you find something to aid you in your quest for true laziness convenience!


3 thoughts on “My Top Life Hacks! DIYs, boosting your smartphone memory and organizing your social media

  1. You rely too heavily on the internet and what should be a phone which is more like a microwave oven in your pocket when it’s not in your hands. Just an opinion.

    I’d hack your life hacks down to one or two, namely the first two. :) I used to make plenty of origami boxes from wrapping paper to hold candy. I had dreams of designing fancy chocolate boxes. But, I never had the candy to fill them. I have made my share of clever folders and tubes. I don’t use chip cans…no longer a fan of those chips. But, as I have grown to value and protect my own work, I have made the proper investments in supplies, namely a small portfolio and project tube with a functional shoulder strap. But, if I was pressed for cash and had the supplies, I’d likely craft something, again.

    I would NOT trust the internet or any APP to protect what I spent life time collecting. All things internet are “flash in the pan” soon to be replaced by new models when the previous are declared obsolete. Though, if one was to lose a few dozen “selfies,” that would not be the worst thing. In my case, it would be bad–if I wanted to preserve a timeline–because I rarely take photos of myself. The few I have sort of encapsulate my maturation…or lack of such. :)

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  2. Great tips, however there’s no help for app or picture hoarders (I’m addicted to downloading tons and tones of art from the internet onto my phone). Once I backup everything to Google photos, I’d of downloaded about 600 more on my phone before you can spell the state name MISSISSIPPI.

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