Scrabble-icious! Man vs. Computer

Ever find yourself suddenly remembering a classic game from your childhood and wanting to play it immediately? I felt like that about Scrabble recently but I sadly realized I had no friends to play it with. So I downloaded the app on my phone which allows you to play against the computer. I was thrilled to play the game again… Except I have no idea how I managed to play it when I was younger since all I can come up with are PG-15 words. Needless to say, I was having quite some fun.

I started off childish:

But that didn’t last long:

I got a bit risqué:

And just upping my game:

But the computer possibly got annoyed:

And clearly started reacting (you can easily guess my words and the computer’s reactions):

Quite violently may I add:

But I think now the computer’s clearly had enough:

So I think I am going to move on to Freecell now!


4 thoughts on “Scrabble-icious! Man vs. Computer

  1. That made me giggle, you should check out a game called crossword, I think it was from the 70s, it’s a bit like scrabble, but the letters are on dice. You make them into words interlinked like scrabble or a crossword, you can play with friends or on your own. I found mine on Amazon, after we discovered the game on holiday in Spain a couple of years ago

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  2. My skin parched, looking at this one. Can anyone possibly make FreeCell pervy? :P Surely, you would try. That’s the true sign of boredom or too much solitude, trying to play a dirty/adult version of a “classic” game. :P As if Jenga doesn’t bore me to tears already, my sis has a Truth or Dare version. Yay. I’d rather just sit next to someone and ask, “Truth or dare.” :)

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