I am the Queen of Controversy

Or maybe that is a slight exaggeration. I don’t want to be too cocky by saying that or else Donald Trump might sue me for trying to steal his title. I am just referring to a much smaller ripple than the ones he creates – my 9gag account.

People usually accidently let out farts, I seem to unintentionally cause controversy when all I am doing is trying to be funny or sharing the creations of my procrastination.

The Donald Trump post

Now I know that you naturally invite strong responses just by uttering the man’s name but all I wanted was to share a quote from him about quitting smartly at the right time because I found it ironic and funny since a large share of people wanted him to quit the race (too late for that now).


I really shouldn’t have been surprised by the shitstorm that ensued in the comments below.


I am neither a Euro sissy nor a libtard so I apologize to all the members of those communities who had to get blasted by these fine gentlemen on the internet because of me.

And now he is the presumptive Republican nominee! Though my ass probably doesn’t know that yet since it is a little “behind” on current affairs.

I wish people on the internet were a little bit nicer but then I wouldn’t have this blog post so it is kind of like the edge of a double sided sword. I’ll just have to take a page out of Trump’s book and sass my way into people’s heart before weaponizing their love for me and unleashing their wrath on the non-believers. Hail 1NothingPlease!


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