The perfect boyfriend for my zodiac sign?!

I came across this really interesting article titled “The Perfect Boyfriend For Each Zodiac Sign“. Quite a self explanatory title. It discussed which other zodiac signs you should or should not be dating based on yours. Here’s a screenshot of mine, Aquarius.


I don’t know if I completely believe in horoscopes but mine’s always been eerily accurate. This time however, I feel a little conflicted.

As an Aquarius woman, I am supposed to date either a Libra lad or a Gemini gentleman. But my mum’s a Libra and we fight like cats and dogs sometimes! My dad can definitely attest to that. We have nearly triggered World War 3 more times than Voldemort’s tried to kill Harry Potter. I do really love my mother though and I think she’s truly the best mother in the world. Still I find it really difficult to imagine that I am supposed to be dating a man that shares the same horoscope as her. I’d much rather date Voldemort.

Now with Gemini, that seems more plausible. My best friend of 14 years is a Gemini, we are perfectly compatible and she means the world to me. So I am quite distressed that the article made me imagine an amazing sex life with her for a brief moment. I know my crazy imagination is mostly to blame but still. I’d much rather replace that thought with one of making out with Voldemort.

As for the horoscopes I should be dating, I am ignoring that section. Beggars can’t be choosers. My love life’s a dried up river in desperate need of some rain. I definitely will not be picky. But Voldemort’s still last on the list.



13 thoughts on “The perfect boyfriend for my zodiac sign?!

  1. Your mother may clash with you because you are two air signs AND women. Also, it may be her Chinese animal year that clashes with your own. My parents and I should get along well, according to astrology books. Yet, I suspect, too much of one kind of energy in a space could be trouble. So, in your case, two winds that rub each other the wrong way. In my case, too many fires wanting to be the right one. I did notice my parents’ elements (in Chinese astrology) clash with mine a bit. So there’s that. Or, my family and I were just not meant to be peaceful together. I DID try to avoid being born.

    As for dating, it seems the impact of our families does not entirely apply to who we date. Yet, I keep telling myself I will NOT pair up with someone like my parents (the same sign/s) because they are not a happy couple.


      • True. But, astrology has helped me make sense of some good and bad relations I’ve had. It helps me understand where trouble starts and what I can do to appease some flames that would otherwise grow into bigger problems. It’s not a clear map, yet, but it does open some perspectives on the horizon. And, if the old patterns found are of any good wisdom, then they may keep me away from those who my blind eye might dismiss as harmless. I know my weakness for a pretty face.

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