Resting Bitch Face Syndrome Diagnosis 

Read this if you are unsure whether you have a resting bitch face or got a really bad botox job in your sleep.


(Or sometimes called RBFS)

Symptoms are as follows;

  • Looking like you’re about to kill someone when in reality you really like the gift you just received from Auntie Beth
  • Getting asked about three “are you okay?” and four “period?” comments just by looking at someone during a conversation (obviously the latter doesn’t occur for men) (unless…)
  • The inability to look interested without looking overly enthusiastic/ patronising/ sarcastic
  • You are able make people feel awful, scared, boring, unwanted, unloved just by looking at them
  • Not being able to tell the difference between your “man, I’m going to beat the crap out of you” face and your “wow, I find you really interesting. Please tell me more about your work in accounting” face.
  • You don’t have wrinkles
  • It is pretty much the only facial expression you have
  • You could turn Medusa into stone
  • You aren’t really sure what smiling is anymore, or…

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