Oops, was this supposed to be a story?

So I wanted some writing inspiration and googled story starters which typically become the first line of your story. Except my mind is kind of like the immature kid in high school with a low attention span and thought differently instead. Let me demonstrate:

1. I can’t help it. I lie. All the time… about my weight.

2. When I found out there would be a supermoon in two nights, I began making my plans… to livetweet the event.

3. I turned to see who was following me…but it was only my shadow.

4. I wish I could take back that moment, at the fortune-teller’s table… when I asked her what my love life was like and she said, “what love life?”

5. When he suggested I should run for office, I laughed. Then I considered it. After all… if Donald Trump can run for office, so can I.


Hey, share a silly but relevant thought!

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