Embarrasment = Ostrich

We have all had those moments. You are so embarrassed that you want to transform into an ostrich and stick your head in the sand ignoring everything that happens on the surface regarding the human world. Unfortunately, we are not as blessed as ostriches and just have to endure the embarrassment. These are a few of my ostrich moments that have made me visibly cringe:

1. I was pleasantly talking to someone I knew in the elevator of my apartment building on our way to the ground floor and exit of the building. We exchanged greetings and smiles but then I made the regrettable mistake of asking him where he was going – he said that he was going to the crematory for a funeral. I quickly replaced my smile with a sympathetic expression and mumbled a sorry as I anxiously waited for the lift to open and save me from the awkward situation.

2. I was visiting a family for the first time and their son looked a few years younger than me. I guess it triggered the elder sibling in me and my tone when I greeted him was a little patronizing. Then regrettable mistake two came along and I asked how old he was in that same tone – turns out he is exactly only one year younger than me and definitely not deserving of the patronizing tone I spoke to him in. Luckily he was busy with some work and quickly retreated to his room while I just internally slapped myself five times for being so stupid.

3. In 5th grade, I had a group assignment and my teammates and I got a very high grade in it. We were  quite excited about it and were eager to show it to our parents later. I just asked one of them how excited was she to show this to her mom later. Her face instantly turned sad and she just looked down at her feet. A friend pulled me away and told me discreetly that the girl’s mom had passed away a few years ago. I remember being mortified at my ignorance and hugging my teammate and apologizing multiple times.

Moral of the story: Stop fucking asking questions.


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