Through the Camera Roll! #2

More random pictures and weird instances from my life!


1. Came across this while researching, quite a hilarious way to make a dead link amusing! Hello there Mr. Blue Tiger-Thing!


2. This app should be renamed Miserable because that is definitely how you will feel if you ever get notifications from it. Unless you think good riddance of those fake friends or mere acquaintances which you know are 99% of your FB friends. Which is what you should be thinking anyways. That being said, I still have probably 300 people on my friends list with whom I have never held a proper conversation with…


3. Really Google? Really now? It is the 21st century. If you don’t recognize blog as a word, you might as well not recognize internet.


4. I showed my friends this result and they didn’t believe me. What? It is not as if I have 75 manga saved on my manga reading app or two seasons of an anime on my phone…


5. I feel like this weather app is describing me after I have had a burrito and I haven’t stepped in a bathtub for five days.


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