Through the Camera Roll! #1

Ever look through your phone’s camera roll and think, WTF? I have recently and I am going to share those moments here. It is amazing to see what my week has been like just through photos. Disclaimer: These images were taken for fun or to share with friends over WhatsApp, they are far from professional. Here are some funny and strange photos I have found in my camera roll on my phone lately:

1. So I decided to create a tumblr to share all the random silly moments of my life in real-time. I know most people would use Twitter for this but I am a verbose person and that character limit just won’t do. Tumblr did recommend some insane usernames though. Hmm… what am I more like – a kind female Blackbeard or an angry TARDIS? I loved the randomness of these usernames but I am a creature of habit so I stuck to 1NothingPlease. Unoriginal but consistent (like sex occasionally… ba dum tss!)


2. So Windows gives some amazing wallpapers almost all the time… except this one. I do really like this picture actually, it is visually stunning with the colours and patterns. However, when you open your laptop screen, I don’t think you expect to be greeted by a dark silhouette that seems to be waiting to approach you. Don’t see it? Zoom in a bit. *shudder*IMG_20151124_155616[1]

3. Okay Amazon, why is this in my recommended?! So I may have been looking at 50 Shades of Grey door hangers as a joke for my flatmates but still… Nevertheless, it made me laugh my head off at the time and then I proceeded to share this picture with all my flatmates.IMG_20151125_164802

4. So my friend had these cheeky word magnets from Nando’s on his fridge and let’s just say I got creative…


5. I was Christmas gift shopping and came across this treasure. I was thinking of gifting it to a fellow coffee lover. But what is up with that facial expression?! Is it his disgust for Monday mornings? Does he not like coffee or tea despite being on a mug? I am really curious…



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