Shabby Sketches #8: Funniest Hangman Game Ever

If you are not already familiar with this classic game that everyone from elementary kids to grandparents have played, check out this link here:

I recently played this game with a friend and she added a hilarious twist to it. We chose movies as our category and took turns to guess the other’s puzzle. However, each time I would guess the movie correctly, she would instead claim that the movie name was something else! Here were her unique movie names – I am going to list the actual ones at the end so try to guess:

1. Runaway Knife


2. The Lady and the Train


3. Crimson Beak


4. Oceans Spleen


I swear that is a spleen though it looks like a kidney. Google it – they look really similar! And yes, I had to google what a spleen looks like; who the heck knows what a spleen looks like?!

And the actual names are:

1. Runaway Bride
2. The Lady and the Tramp
3. Crimson Peak
4. Oceans Eleven

If you guessed those correctly, give yourself a cookie or something as a reward though I am fairly certain they were really obvious.


Surprise! We have bloopers! Well, I am not really sure if blog posts can have them but I will and they are just from the first drawing.

“Runaway Knife”


Yes, my first version of the knife was actually a pirate’s sword – arghhhh


And this running away knife looked like it was passed out from having one too many shots of vodka – vot even…?!


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