The New York Diaries – Part 3

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Here it is folks, the final part of my New York Diaries after much laziness pain and procrastination difficulty! Thank you for sticking with me through this long and turbulent voyage and… Okay I will cut the crap now, just enjoy the list:

1. A selfie can never be a selfie in New York. The streets are always crowded and if you are lucky you may actually see a centimetre of the concrete underneath people’s feet (though I have heard it is a one in a million chance). A “NY Selfie” always contains you and six other people minimum. I have probably unintentionally appeared in 10 selfies. I hope I am at least more photogenic in other people’s selfies than my own.

2. New York cabs are prime real estate for strip club ads. And in the Big Apple, they call them gentlemen’s clubs. Looks like they serve the regular nudity with side of ego boost. I seriously wonder why they call the clubs that. Is it to make the male customers feel less ashamed or reduce the stigma for the women inside? And the name is sexist – what if a woman wants to go in as a customer and enjoy the show as well? Unfortunately I can only imagine the typical customer as the Monopoly Man who tips his hat at the dancers.


I kid you not, three out of every five cabs had an ad for a “gentlemen’s club.”

The remaining two cabs had ads for the late night talk shows; speaking of which…

3. New York is covered in advertisements for the Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert with the occasional ones for Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. I am a bit suspicious of the name Jimmy – it definitely sounds like the name of a right-hand man for an Italian mafia boss. You never know, maybe that is the day jobs of these talk show hosts…

And that’s a wrap folks, goodnight!


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