Divine Humour or Weird Karma

Ever wonder at times if God is playing a prank on you? Or you are getting weird retribution for something you did in the past? There are times where I think God has a sense of humour or Karma is high and these are some of them:

1. I drank out of the milk carton directly all the time and it used to annoy my mother immensely but I didn’t care… and now I have lactose intolerance. Mom are you happy now?

2. I got booted off an overbooked flight not too long ago and as compensation I received a free roundtrip flight voucher. So much for using it for a holiday since my father had to use it to fly out and see me while I was in the emergency room in another continent.

3. I used to make fun of a friend for her clumsiness but luckily she hasn’t hurt herself, just fallen a couple of times. I managed to sprain my right foot 4 times and my left foot once… In the span of ten weeks… Needless to say, I am no longer in a position to make fun of other people’s clumsiness.

4. I laugh at another friend all the time because she always spills something on her clothes when she eats or drinks. Nothing a little hand sanitizer and tissue can’t fix. But then I irreversibly stained two of my favorite white t-shirts within a week – one with salad dressing and the other with pomegranate juice. Note to self: I am clearly not meant to eat healthily.

5. I needed to take a pizza out of the oven and I made sure to put a glove on my right hand to take the baking tray safely out of the oven… But then I used my bare left hand as well to put the burning hot tray on the table.

Okay maybe the last one was more because of my stupidity than anything else.


2 thoughts on “Divine Humour or Weird Karma

  1. So… you can’t drink milk based products, had your flight voucher used by your dad who wanted to take care of you, can’t really make fun of clumsy friends, stained some clothes, and need some training on using oven mitts.

    Wow. Karma sure sounds a lot like… first world problems? ;)

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