The New York Diaries – Part 1

Right now I am in the US on holiday!  *loud obnoxious cheer* I can happily escape from work but I just can’t resist my blog. It is my first time across the Atlantic and I am currently staying in New York, New York. As my tour guide said, they loved the name so much, they used it twice.

It’s my third day and this is what I have to say about the Big Apple so far:

1. Every inch of the city is covered in movie or TV references. You name it, NYC was in it.
“This is where Spider-man swung about”
“This is LITERALLY where Harry met Sally”
“This is where Carrie and Mr. Big hooked up in Sex in the City”
These are just a few of tourist guide-verified references I have heard since arriving here.

2. When you pass by the Hudson river, you are probably going to think about murder. Every single crime and murder movie or TV show based in New York has had a body or two dumped in the river. Of course I don’t know what it is like in reality but I can imagine New York detectives bonding at a bar over scotch and joking about the number of Hudson river bodies they found today.

3. I have yet to visit a more narcissistic city than NYC. Every block has a gifts and souvenirs shop with all sorts of goodies labelled “I <3 NY”. I thought I was self-obsessed but this city makes me feel quite humble despite all my selfies. Surely there must be rebel shops that sell NY-hating merchandise but I assume they must have been quickly eliminated by the Narcissistic York New York Police Department.

Part 2 Coming Soon! I am too tired from all the sightseeing today to finish this list right now. Wish I had Spiderman’s help moving about instead of walking on my feet all day.

P.S. Spider-man is basically an urban Tarzan. Except he isn’t much of an exhibitionist and arachnids are not known for yelling.

P.P.S. Part 2 has been uploaded!


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