I hate maths too but…

Math can give you neat party tricks if you need some or be your wingman even!

You either hate maths or love it. I have yet to meet a person who is neutral about the subject and was neither destroyed nor thrilled by its very existence. I used to hate it. Now, I just dislike it and get annoyed with it occassionally, much like a wife. But by the end of this post, I am going to convert you haters to dislikers – well, at least that’s what I will try to achieve.

Many people really detest the subject and I did too, probably for reasons like:

  1. You need a certain kind of intelligence to be good at it. Some people have more of that intelligence than others, but if you lack in this, you probably have a higher emotional quotient or an artisitic talent or greater creative capabilities. Unless you are Da Vinci, in which case you have all of the above and more. Damn you, Da Vinci.
  2. Maths homework is always the hardest and you never truly feel like you’ve learned something even after completing it. And if it ever feels like it is going well, it is probably going all wrong!
  3. With topics more advanced than the most basic algebra, schools make it seem overly complicated, boring and just not all that useful. It is like the appendix (that useless body part) of academia and you feel like you would be better off without it.

This fire-breathing dragon can be cool if you weren’t so quick to slay it:

  1.  Not all theorems are unoriginally named after the people behind it. There is humour even in maths and I just came across a theorem called the Hairy Ball Theorem during one of my regular Wikipedia odysseys. I promise you, I kid you not, here’s the link if “bullshit” is what you thought: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairy_ball_theorem
  2. Within the field of mathematics, you can get away with saying weird stuff that you would otherwise be judged for. You can talk about a deadly virus and its chances of spreading or the probability of infected dying without being taken away by the CIA for bio-terrorism. Or talk about 1 person buying 200 apples in an algebraic problem without raising too many eyebrows. Though, let’s be honest, you are just going to be judged for associating yourself with maths in the first place.
  3. Math can give you neat party tricks if you need some or be your wingman even! Go up to someone (like that cute girl by the bar) and give them these instructions, telling them to not say anything out loud:
  • Think of ANY number
  • Double it
  • Add six
  • Divide it by half
  • Subtract the number you originally thought of

Watch their mouths (and panties!) drop when you say the answer is 3. It is ALWAYS 3.

If taught a little differently, maths would be so much more enjoyable. Check out this site for your boring high school maths concepts visually explained, I promise you wouldn’t hate them as much: http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/733754/visually-stunning-math-concepts-which-are-easy-to-explain

Essentially, the ability to solve complex math problems is innate and you either have it or you don’t. Don’t let it become the bane of your existence so quickly though. Think of it as that annoying arrogant IT guy in office you may not like but absolutely need around. Which is again kind of like a wife. Except in today’s world, tech support is way more valued than human interpersonal relationships, right?


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