Long Time, No Post!

So I haven’t updated in a while… And here’s a funny, true and completely relatable list of reasons why!

1. When I opened my laptop, a dinosaurs sprung forth from it and tap danced all over my keyboard rendering it useless. Yes, a dinosaur… Because it really has been THAT long since I opened my laptop.

2. I have a needy temperamental girlfriend who demands my attention more so now than ever. I can’t take a minute away from her to even look at my phone. And man, when I finally get away from her, I am too tired to think of anything but sleep. Still I love the time I spend with her. And her name’s… Work. No time or energy for an actual girlfriend remember?

3. East Asian dramas with English subtitles – my best discovery yet and my ultimate downfall. I am insanely obsessed with them and I just cannot stop myself. Not a single minute free is not spent on watching them. I recommend Galileo for mystery and maybe science lovers!

And of course laziness, the ultimate reason and the worst excuse to give. To punish myself I decided to not eat sweets for a full 24 hours. It is torturous I promise you. But now that I remember how fun this is I will try and not disappear again for a while.

Let’s be honest, I definitely couldn’t keep a girlfriend with these commitment issues!


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