You know you have lost weight when…

1. Everyone and their mother-in-laws mention it. Especially since (some) mother-in-laws can be quite catty with their words and stingy with their compliments. It can be flattering of course but it can get so excessive that you start to wonder whether they see you as a starving child with your bones visible through your skin when really your love handles are just a fraction smaller.

2. You can’t stop checking yourself out in every shop window you pass, more than usual that is. You can’t help but admire yourself after those weeks of dieting (deprivation) and exercise (torture). There is another kind of torture that is more enjoyable and still burns calories… But I understand grey is not everyone’s colour.

3. Your skinny jeans feel snug not “I am about to rip at the seams any second now!”

4. You can fit into the lower dress/shirt/trouser size and you are delighted but your happiness is short-lived as you become overly self-critical once again. And then you return to your familiar, bigger, ill-fitting clothes. But he never changes and you hate yourself for returning to him when you know you can do better and you are just settling and you are scared of change… Old clothes and bad exes seem quite similar.

5. That economy class seat in the airplane is so much more comfortable. That arm rest is no longer trying to slice your hip. Oh, and you can cross your legs and not hit anyone who is front or next to you! Wait, is this one just me? Shucks…


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