Let’s be radically honest…

I read about this concept in A. J. Jacobs’ book My Life as an Experiment. You say exactly what you think or feel #nofilter. It didn’t work out so great for him in some situations and I can think of a couple of others where it could go wrong…

1. “Hi, I’m It. Nice to meet you.” I literally just met you two seconds ago and since you have not done anything remotely cool like turn into a dragon or juggle soccer balls, I feel (at most!) neutral to meet you.

2. Wife: “Does this dress make me look fat?” Husband: “You look great, honey.” Fat is the lady who just squeezed through the neighbouring dressing room door but you could get the dress in a size up that would hide those cinnamon rolls you love and still look great.

3. Boss: “I need the [fatally boring] sales report and the [unnecessarily lengthy] marketing presentation by 9 a.m. tomorrow.” Employee: “Of course, no problem.” And would you like that with a side of coleslaw and eat-your-own-shit for dessert?

Be radically honest? I think I’d prefer to politely lie.

**SAFETY WARNING: Don’t try these italicised statements anywhere!

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